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While I have had auto withdrawals for many years with DTE while also being on the budget plan, I recently had some financial issues where I wanted to pay online on the due date as I had done long ago with no problems. Unfortunately, the website is an error-filled mess that wouldn't take my payment until I had tried repeatedly over several days, so after that was resolved I decided to go back to auto pay.

I had no problems until yesterday when I received an email that the outstanding balance that remained when the budget year ended was not being spread out over the coming year as it always has been (and as a previous email claimed it would be if I did nothing), but was being taken from my account in a partial payment with it leaving another balance to be paid off in the next month. My attempts to get into my account on the website failed with it claiming that either my email or password were incorrect despite being fairly certain my password was correct. Trying to recover/reset my password by entering my email address, I kept getting an error message stating that they could not process my request and to verify my information.

Since I was entering the email they have been sending my account info to for the last fifteen years, there should be no problem in recovering it yet I could not get past this error so I never did get into my account. Right now, there is a 'system unavailable' message in place of the main screen so the website is down entirely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dte Energy Account.

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