my landlord moved and told me dte had been notified to come take out the unused gas meter on the sideof the house.

this gas meter had been used when the house was originally a duplex, when the house was turned to one they put one main gas meter in on the other side of the house. leaving the one next to our kitchen inactive.

dte never showed up to take out gas meter after several calls.

last summer we were working in our flower bed on the side of the house and noticed the unused gas meter hanging off of the house. (gas was supposed to be inactive) we pulled on the meter thinking it was broken and made a live gas line rupture. the fire department was called and dte came and told us they would be back to bury the capped line. the local dte employee said it should have been uninstalled.

dte now is taking me to court for the ruptured gas line that they neglected for a year until it became a big problem. once they capped the line after the leak they said they would be back to bury the line and it has now been another year and they have neglected that but are suing us?

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