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DTE gives me a monthly shut off notice with my bill. Mind you I pay the bill and it be only $180 until ther recent mistake. They told me they made a mistake in billing me $342 instead of my $180 but it still will be subject to being shut off. WTF is that about?? Why a monthly shut off notice?

If I am paying the entire bill, there should not be a shut off notice accompanied with nasty customer service. They just keep telling me to go to DHS to get it paid. I do not need that for my bill.

They really are *** me off and they wonder why people are leaving Detroit, It is their behinds running everyone out!! What they going to do when the weather gets warmer. There should be a way to go solar faster to eliminate their darn services.

Review about: Dte Energy Customer Care.

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@santini your commnt i advise u to see a dockter


I'm sure it's DTE that's causing everyone to leave Detroit. It wouldn't be that there are no jobs, it's full of Arabs, and it's just plain filthy there.

to Santini Detroit, Michigan, United States #612119

1st how dare you use my name! And now for your education: Yes..the correct term is middle-eastern.We will now increase Detroit's population by giving the Hispanic legal status.We will issue over 1 million small business license AND open up the Detroit River for international trade ...Next in my bag of tricks..we will tear down all abandon houses and buildings that was leftovers from the 67 riots. DTE is a very clean place, with flat screen TV for your viewing pleasures!Pay your bill and do please MOVE OUT..we here in Detroit don't need your kind..we are going through a transformation period, please stay in the to the meth houses..and stop using my name!

to Santini #900086

Detroit is full of Arabs? Hello u dumb *** detroit is 80% black...wat a retarded *** head u r...

Lemme guess ur black rite? U fukin peanut brain

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